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Your source for pest bird control products and precision farm equipment for over 55 years.

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We've moved! Effective September 1, 2013, our new address is:

Sutton Agricultural Enterprises, Inc.
1044 Harkins Road
Salinas, CA 93901

For over 55 years Sutton Ag has been your friendly source for specialized farm equipment
and bird control products, from Acre Counters to Zon Guns.
Sutton Ag products
Throughout our 58 years serving U.S. agriculture, Sutton Agricultural Enterprises has been a pioneer in pest bird control and precision planting. These fields have changed dramatically in recent years and we have stayed at the forefront of developments to continually serve your changing needs and the demands for greater efficiency, economy, and yield.

Established in 1956, W.V. Clow Seed Co. was originally an independent seed dealership with its strongest sales emphasis in vegetable seed for the Salinas Valley. In addition to seed sales, the company helped establish bird control pyrotechnics and Stanhay planters. In 1973, the company was purchased by John Sutton, who maintained Bill Clow's strong tradition of service and product knowledge.

The company name changed to Sutton Agricultural Enterprises in 1982, reflecting the new emphasis: to specialize in the planting and bird control needs of precision agriculture. Building on its reputation for customer service and reliability, the Sutton family expanded the product list to include vacuum seed planters, granular applicators, harvesters, a wider variety of allied products, and a more comprehensive bird control line.

Continual improvements in production agriculture have spurred Sutton Ag’s development of specialized equipment to support this growth. Our motto since the beginning remains our goal today ...“to be specialists for the most critical trade.”

CultiClean weed killing mulcherZon cannon logoZon Mark 4 Propane CannonZon bird cannonZon Mark 4 Cannon on rotating tripodBird Gard audible bird controlVisual Bird Control DevicesStanhay precision seedersSutton Seeder in stacker bar4-row Seed Spider in planter sledSutton Jr. with 3-pt. hitchOrtomec lettuce harvesters100 blanks are included with purchase of Bird Whistlers100 Bird Whistlers with blanksSingle Bird Whistler cartridgeOrtiflor single bed mulcherStanhay precision seedersReflective tape for bird controlPredator kite for bird controlEye spot balloonSutton Seeder in stacker barSutton Jr. with 3-pt. hitch4-row Seed Spider in planter sledOrtiflor single bed mulcherOrtomec lettuce harvestersZon Gun sonic bird controlZon bird cannonZon bird cannonZon bird control cannon