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Bird Gard sonic bird control combines actual bird distress cries and predator calls to ward off pest birds.

Bird Gard uses digitally recorded bird distress calls and electronic harassment sounds to repel targeted birds and wildlife. Sounds are broadcast by a microprocessor and output through high-fidelity speakers.

Bird Gard models:
Bird Gard Super Pro

The Bird Gard Super Pro features 4 external speakers.
Protects ~4 acres.

  • Control unit mounted in a weather resistant PVC plastic box.
  • Includes an AC adaptor and battery cables with clips.
  • Features 4 built-in amplifiers with 4 external speakers.
  • Each speaker has 100 feet of cable and can be daisychained.
  • A 20-watt solar panel can be added to the Super Pro to keep your 12-V battery charged all season.
  • Purchase includes one sound chip that can be alternated with a variety of different sound chips available for purchase separately.
Bird Gard Super Pro
Protects approximately 4 acres


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Bird Gard Super Pro Accessories
Bird Gard sound chip
Sound Cards
Bird Gard extension speaker
Extension Speaker
Bird Gard 4-speaker box
4-Speaker Box
Bird Gard 20-watt solar panel
20-Watt Solar Panel
Bird Gard battery cables
Battery Cables with Clips
Bird Gard AC adaptor
AC Adaptor
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