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Deer Shield utilizes digital recordings of aggressive, hostile and territorial deer broadcast through high fidelity weather-resistant speakers to trigger a primal fear-and-flee response. Deer Shield features solid-state electronics and weather-resistant housings for years of dependable operation in any weather.
Deer Shield Super Pro
Deer Shield Super PRO is designed for large areas like vineyards, orchards, row crops, airports, etc.


  • Volume control with adjustable sound duration
  • Day, night, or 24-hour operation
  • One unit protects 1 - 4 (each speaker protects about 1 acre, up to 4 speakers can be used)
  • Incorporates multiple random features designed to keep deer from getting accustomed to the sound.
  • Random feature: With all four speakers connected, every six seconds a randomly selected sound is broadcast at a randomly selected frequency out of a randomly selected speaker.

Deer Shield Super PRO comes complete with:

  • Sound generator unit with a built-in amplifier
  • Up to 4 external PA speakers each with 100-feet of cable
  • Weather-resistant enclosure
  • Sound chip with 8 deer distress sounds
  • Mounting bracket
  • AC power adapter, and battery cables with clips

Optional accessories:

Deer Shield Super PRO

$545 - $800

Buy now at our online store.

Deer Shield Super PRO with 1 PA speaker
Protects approx. 1 acre

Deer Shield Super PRO with 2 PA speakers
Protects approx. 2 acres

Deer Shield Super PRO with 4 PA speakers
Protects approx. 4 acres

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Click here to see Deer Shield in action.
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