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Used Ortomec Harvester (click any image to enlarge)
  • Ortomec TR160B
  • Located in New York
  • Built in 2005
  • Working condition
  • 3-Point hitch attachment
  • Price if purchased new: $30,000
  • 63" Cutting width
  • Sale price: $15,000
Used Ortomec harvester Used Ortomec harvester Used Ortomec harvester
Gently Used Bird Gard Super Pro PA4 (click to enlarge)
The Bird Gard Super Pro PA4 produces low frequency sounds that repel larger birds and waterfowl. For more information, visit our Bird Gard PA4 page.

Our very gently used PA4 trial unit is available for purchase at a discounted price.

Used Bird Gard Super Pro PA4
Used PA4 unit includes:
  • Control unit
  • AC adaptor
  • 2 PA style speakers
  • Battery cables
  • Mounting brackets
Price if purchased
new: $610

Sale price: $485

  • PA Chip#16
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We currently have several remnant cut-length rolls of our Premium Grade Bird Net available for purchase at bargain pricing. All are 14 feet wide by various lengths as listed below (wrapped on collapsible tubing):
65' long
$25 (.39¢ / lft)
80' long
$31 (.39¢ / lft)
190' long
$55 (.29¢ / lft)
200' long
2 @ this length
$58 (.29¢ / lft)
(please call to order; availability subject to stock on hand)
For more information on netting, visit our Cut-Length Bird Net page.
Used Falcon Thermal Fogger

Ideal for application of Fog Force™, the Dyna-Fog® Falcon Thermal Fog Applicator easily, effectively and economically dispenses oil based insecticides, fungicides, germicides, disinfectants, odor control and other chemical products.

Original price: $1,125
Used Falcon Fogger: $800
Minimally used; In great condition. Includes all original accessories and instruction manual.
  • Ergonomic Tank Design conforms to the Operator’s body.
  • Greatest Performance-to-Weight ratio of any machine available.
  • Large easy-to-remove tank caps - Easily accessible.
  • Standard with 1.5 VDC “Buzzer” patented microprocessor ignition system with integrated switch.
  • Patented Dyna-Fog Stainless Steel engine and starting system for easy reliable and consistent starting.
  • Non-Pressurized Fuel Tank system provides quick starting and superior performance.

For its size, no other machine surpasses the Falcon’s™ application capacity or its speed in completing difficult chemical application jobs Applicator throws heat, so be sure to keep a distance of 5 to 10 feet to prevent damage to crop or structures.

Click either pic below to enlarge
Used Falcon thermal fogger
Fog ForceRejex-It Fog Force Bird Repellent is a fogging agent that's an efficient tool for the management of nuisance birds without harming target and non-target birds or other animals.

Fog Force is formulated from the same food grade ingredient, Methyl Anthranilate (MA), a naturally occurring compound with reduced risk to the environment.

Size: 1 gallon
Application method: thermal or mechanical fogger.

Gently used Falcon thermal fogger includes original accessories.
Gently used Falcon thermal fogger, rear view.
Fog Force original price: $185 / gallon
Clearance price: $155 / gallon
or $580 for 4 gallons ($145/gallon)

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pdf iconFog Force FAQ

pdf iconFog Force Technical Info Bulletin

Promo items are limited to stock on hand.
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