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Used Bird Gard Super Pro PA4

The Bird Gard Super Pro PA4 features PA style speakers for low frequency sounds. Protects ~1 acre per speaker.

Certain bird and animal sounds are of lower frequencies that require a special PA speaker. The Super Pro PA4 is specially designed to broadcast these low frequency sounds.

Optimal for great blue herons, wild turkeys, Canadian geese, and other large birds and waterfowl.

The PA4 incorporates multiple random features designed to prevent habituation. With two speakers connected the sounds will alternate between the two speakers.

Control unit mounted in a weather resistant PVC plastic box.

The PA4 system broadcasts lower frequency sounds and is not compatible with regular Bird Gard speakers or sound cards.

Used Bird Gard PA4 (click to enlarge)
Used Bird Gard PA4

Price new: $610 (with 2 speakers)

Price used: $385 (very gently used demo model)
Includes 2 speakers, AC adaptor, battery cables/clips, & mounting hardware

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Prices subject to change without notice. FOB Salinas, California USA.

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