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Fruit zone bird netting roll

Bird Netting is a highly effective means of bird control. By excluding pest birds from your crop, you can significantly reduce crop losses.

Bird control netting can be applied most efficiently in full rolls, but can also be cut into shorter lengths for application by hand, or wrapped onto spools for machine application.

We offer a variety of bird netting options and accessories to suit many applications.

Our Fruit-Zone Bird Net roll is 3.5' wide x 5,000' long and weighs about 50 lbs..(click pic to enlarge)
Our Fruit-Zone Roll Premium Grade Bird Netting is made of black colored polypropylene with a 3/4 inch mesh (approximately 2.3#MSF). Fruit-zone birdnet is also called "side netting".
Bird control netting mesh size
Fruit-Zone Bird Netting
(side netting)

$248.75 / 5,000' long roll (1-19 rolls; volume pricing available)

Buy now at our online store.

Small samples of birdnet are available upon request.

Used in vineyard netting applications for many years, fruit-zone netting / side-netting (cross-cut bird netting) is not new to bird control, but it is growing in popularity.

By netting just your fruit-zone areas, you can spend less on bird netting, shipping charges, and installation time and labor.

Our Full Roll Premium Grade Bird Netting can be cross-cut or parted into narrower widths for fruit zone netting / side netting. Our stock fruit zone roll is cross cut at 3.5 feet (42 inches wide) x 5,000 feet long. Alternate widths are available with purchase of entire roll of Premium Grade Bird Netting.

Our fruit zone bird netting rolls weigh about 50 lbs ea. and are easier to handle than the full 14' wide rolls. They're ideal in vineyard netting application and are suitable for other crops as well (blueberries, fruit trees, row crops).

  • 3.5 Feet (42") wide x 5,000 feet long.
  • Wrapped on fiberboard core.
  • BirdNet color: black
  • Fruit Zone bird netting rolls wider or narrower than our stock roll are available with purchase of entire roll of Premium Grade Bird Netting.
  • 3.5-foot wide fruit-zone birdnet rolls weigh about 50 lbs and are shippable via UPS Ground Service or LTL truck.
1 - 19 Rolls
$248.75 / roll
20 - 39 Rolls
$236.75 / roll
40+ Rolls
$223.75 / roll
Fruit zone birdnet (side netting)
Fruit-zone bird netting
Fruit zone birdnet protecting grapes in a Napa, California vineyard (click pic to enlarge)
Full roll Premium Grade Bird Netting is 14 feet wide. Our "Fruit-Zone Roll" is 3.5 feet wide (1/4 of a full roll).
Fruit-Zone Bird Netting Accessories
Bird netting clip

Bird Net Clip
$15.85 / strip of 500

Bird netting applicator
Bird Netting Applicator
Single spindle
ith Cat II 3-pt. hitch
Bird netting applicator
Bird Netting Applicator
Dual spindle
ith Cat I 3-pt. hitch

Prices subject to change without notice. FOB Salinas, California USA.

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