Sutton Jr. Seed Planter

Sutton Jr. Seed Planter

Sutton Jr. seed planter

Sutton Jr. High Density Seeder

Our Sutton Jr. seed planter with Cat II three-point hitch plants bed tops up to 48-inches wide (max planting width of 42-inches on 60-inch beds).

Being tractor drawn, the 3-pt. Sutton Jr. delivers very consistent and accurate seed placement for your high density crops.

Sutton Jr. Planter with Cat II 3-Point Hitch
(with 12 shoes / holders, and 6 pairs of seed plates)

Sutton Jr seed planter




Sutton Jr seed hopper
Sutton Jr seed plates

Versatile seed planter


Two 10-outlet seed hoppers for planting up to 20 lines are standard on our 3-pt. Sutton Jr.


Inexpensive plastic seed plates make it affordable to use many different plates to plant many sizes of seed.

Sutton Jr seed plate installation

Quick seed plate change

Rotating brushes inside the hopper agitate seed through holes in the seed plate.

Seed plates can be changed without the use of tools.


Single plate design makes hole size changes quick and easy.

Sutton Jr seed planter hopper outlets

Sutton Jr seed planter shoes

Flexible number of seed lines

Seed lines can be plugged-off, allowing different crops to be planted in a variety of ways.

Shoe rack accommodates very close spacings.

Shoes can be spaced as close as 1/2-inch apart.

Removable seed planter hopper

Easy seed clean-out

Removable hoppers for quick and easy seed clean out. 3-pt.

Hoppers feature electric drive seed agitation for smooth operation.

Sutton Jr shoes and rollers

Durable construction

Sturdy steel rollers with scrapers and durable chromium shoes provide long wear.

Sutton Jr planter shoes

Simple shoe height adjustment

Shoe height adjustment can easily be made while in the field. Sutton Jr. shoes are made from durable, long wearing chromium.

Shoes can be adjusted individually, or all together.