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Checchi & Magli transplanters feature a unique delivery system that allows plants to be placed in the soil in a perfectly upright position, from 6 inches apart, to 20 inches apart. Land wheel drive assures very accurate plant placement.
Checchi Magli Wolf transplanter Wolf Transplanter

The Checchi & Magli Wolf transplanter has revolutionized plastic mulch transplanting.

Traditionally, planting through plastic mulch involves time consuming, laborious, hand-planting. This is no longer necessary with the Wolf transplanter. 

Wolf transplanters feature a unique planting cup that perforates the plastic, then accurately places each plant. 

Wolf is the best transplanter for plastic mulch transplanting.

Video iconClick here to see Wolf transplanters in action.
Checchi & Magli's Wolf transplanter is ideal for conical and cubical plugs

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