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The Clean Seeder TP is an afforadable seed planter that accurately plants seeds as small as peas and as large as squash, and handles all types of grains.

Push planter and tool bar mounted styles are available to suit practically any large seed planting situation.

The Clean Seeder TP-TB tool bar mounted planter allows for even more accurate seeding of large seeds and grains.

Mounting to a 2-inch square tool bar, the TP-TB provides steady planting speed, consistant down pressure, and no footprints left on the planted bed. Practically any number of rows can be mounted as close as 10-inches apart.

Requires additional mounting accessories (ie: tool bar, hitch, parking stands).

TPTB tool bar mounted planter
Clean Seeder TP tool bar mounted planter for planting large seeds (click pic to enlarge)

The TPTB includes one seed plate of your choice. A-2 seed plate is the most popular - it accurately singulates seeds sized similar to peas, beans, and corn.

Additional TP plates are available for other large seeds and grains. Click here to see a list at our TP seed plates page.

TP seed plate
Clean Seeder TPTB
With one seed plate


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Comes standard with a double disc opener.
Double disk opener
Clean Seeder TPTB Accessories
(yes Clean Seeder accessories are interchangeable with Jang seeders)
Prices subject to change without notice. F.O.B. Salinas, California, USA.

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