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HarvestStar push type harvester A single operator can harvest 300 lbs of leafy greens per hour with the HarvestStar™ Mini-Harvester, effectively doing the work of an entire hand harvest crew.

Utilizing the industry standard band blade cutting system, the HarvestStar™ is ideal for harvesting baby lettuce, spinach, or other leafy crops.

HarvestStar™ Mini-Harvester features:

  • Band blade cutting system
  • Stainless steel cutting head for durability and food safety
  • 28-inch cutting width
  • Adjustable cutting height. (from soil level to about 2-inches above soil)
  • Product belt and blade driven by 12-V motors
  • 12-V motors powered by a rechargeable battery. Fully charged battery provides ~3 hours of harvesting power before recharging is needed.
  • Inexpensive cutting blades
  • Sturdy handles for transport and steering
  • Easy-access knob for very accurate cutting height control
  • Handy tote stowage area (11-inches x 29-inches)
  • Transport wheels for easy HarvestStar™ movement in and out of the field
  • Safety guards to protect the HarvestStar™ cutting head system.
The HarvestStar™ push type harvester weighs just under 300 lbs
HarvestStar push type harvester

Our HarvestStar push type harvester is ideal for crops which are cut 1-inch or more off the ground like spring mix and spinach. Base price: $10,435

Our HarvestStar™ Table Top Harvester is available for greenhouse use / crops grown in trays. Custom made to suit your specific growing system.

HarvestStar™ cutting height can be adjusted from soil level, up to about 2" above soil.
HarvestStar harvesting spinach
HarvestStar table top harvester
HarvestStar™ Table Top Harvester (click to enlarge)
HarvestStar table top harvester
Our HarvestStar™ push type harvester is ideal for harvesting crops which are cut 1-inch or more off the ground like spring mix and spinach. Our standard HarvestStar™ has a 28" cutting width (alternate widths available upon request).
HarvestStar band blade
Inexpensive HarvestStar™ cutting blades can be purchased via phone, or at our online store (standard size).
HarvestStar™ Table Top Harvester with adjustable height legs (click to enlarge)
HarvestStar mini harvester
HarvestStar™ with band blade cutting head harvesting spinach in the Salinas Valley.
HarvestStar harvesting spinach
The HarvestStar™ mini-harvester weighs about 300 lbs and is guided through the field on top of the bed. This allows for harvest of nearly any bed width, and is ideal for cutting flat plantings. Wheels are raised when harvesting and lowered when transporting.
Below is video of the HarvestStar™ in action (video begins with the obsolete reciprocating head, then switches to band blade head about half way through):
Prices subject to change without notice. FOB Salinas, California USA.

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