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Calc-An-Acre The Calc-An-Acre is a state of the art area counter that accurately measures and displays acreage with the touch of a button.

Attached to the planter's drive wheel, the Calc-An-Acre measures actual planted acres. The sub area can be measured while maintaining a count of the total acres at the same time.

The Calc-An-Acre can also serve as a digital speedometer that reads the true ground speed in M.P.H.

  • Accurate speed, distance and area measurement
  • Provides improved chemical efficiency and accuracy
  • Front panel is lighted and display is backlit for easy viewing at night
  • Records area on three independent counters so individual jobs may be tracked
  • Displays ground speed to tenths of mph
  • Area per hour and accumulated hours feature to track productivity, plan work and schedule maintenance
  • Width reduction feature maintains accuracy with active boom sections and partial tillage passes
  • Push-button run / hold feature to stop area count when turning on ends and moving between fields
  • Compatible with the Astro series of GPS-based speed sensors and radar ground speed sensors
  • Weather resistant console and weatherproof connectors
  • Non-volatile memory so settings and totals are retained with power off


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Sutton Ag Rate Meter

The Sutton Ag Rate Meter is simpler to use and more durable than comparable measuring devices.

Measurements are displayed in RPM. Metering unit shaft is monitored for consistent seed spacing

    A weather-tight NEMA rated enclosure keeps the control unit safe from the elements.

    The Rate Meter is commonly installed on seed planters and fertilizer applicators, and can also be used on a wide range of other machines.

    Rate Meter

    $445 (base price)

    The Acre Counter mechanical measuring wheel can be attached to practically any planter or implement tool bar.

    The measuring wheel only counts while the implement is being used, so the counter reads "planted" acres.

    Any bed width or configuration can be measured with the Acre Counter.

    Acre counter measuring wheel
    Acre counter
    Acre Counter Measuring Wheel

    Single or double

    Planter calibration kit
    Our Scale Kit / Planter Calibration Kit is most commonly used to calibrate high density planters like Seed Spider, Sutton Seeder, Sutton Jr., and Ortomec Multi-Seeder.

    Can also be used for fertilizer calibration.

    Kit includes a durable, padded carrying case, 4 lb capacity scale, stopwatch, batteries, and instruction manual.

    Case for planter calibration kit Planter calibration kit
    Scale Kit / Planter Calibration Kit

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    The Seed Tray is perfect for collecting and weighing seed, grain, etc.

    This triangular plastic sample pan weighs 4.8 ounces and measures 10.5" wide x 11" long x 3" deep.

    Seed tray / sample pan
    Seed Tray / Sample Pan

    $12 each

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