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Ortomec harvesters use the revolutionary band-blade system to cut high density crops to within 1/2 inch of the bed top. A variety of models and accessories are available to suit your needs.
Ortomec Electro 8450 harvester Ortomec Electro, Series 8450 Harvester
Electric powered, self-propelled, wheel type harvesterSeries 8450 dims

The Electro 8450 is suitable for harvesting leafy greens including baby leaf, spring mix, spinach, chard, etc.

The 8450 is powered by two 24V, 240A/h batteries that are recharged via the convenient on-board battery charger.

Specifically designed for greenhouse use, the 8450 features a weather-tight enclosure that protects the electric system from dust and moisture.

Operator can monitor system functions from a display on the steering column. System settings are also programmable from the driving position, which is situated for a clear view of the product belt. A retractable steering wheel is easily adjusted to suit the operator.

Cutting head is equipped with proportional sensors for the most accurate cut of any machine on the market.

The Electro 8450 is uniquely equipped with a double steering axle with four steering modes:

  • Front axle only
  • Rear axle only
  • Both axles
  • 4-Wheel steering / "crab steer" mode

Comes standard with stainless steel head.

Series 8450 harvester options:

  • Wind screen

    Available cutting widths:

    • 51" (130 cm)
    • 55" (140 cm)
    • 59" (150 cm)
    • 63" (160 cm)
    • 67" (170 cm)
    • 71" (180 cm)
Ortomec Electro 8450 leafy greens harvester (click to enlarge)
Ortomec Electro 8450 harvester
Ortomec Electro 8450 leafy greens harvester (click to enlarge)
Ortomec electro harvester
The 8450's crab-steering mode makes it exceptionally maneuverable and well suited for use in tight spaces

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