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Ortomec harvesters use the revolutionary band-blade system to cut high density crops to within 1/2 inch of the bed top. A variety of models and accessories are available to suit your needs.
Ortomec 9700 leafy greens harvester Ortomec Series 9700 Lattuga Harvester
Self-propelled, track type harvesterSeries 9700 harvester dims for head lettuce

Series 9700 Lattuga harvester is specially designed for harvesting and packing romaine lettuce as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Lattuga eliminates one of the most difficult harvest jobs for hand-cutting crews: continually stooping to harvest head after head.

Equipped with the dependable, 4-cylinder, electric-start, diesel powered 74hp Kubota turbo motor, Lattuga is suitable for harvesting most head crops.

Lattuga is especially invaluable for romaine harvest thanks to its innovative tray system that aids in consolidating romaine heads into easily handled units that can be packed into RPCs or cartons on the harvester deck. Conveyors transfer the containers to an accompanying trailer.

A handy water spray system ensures product freshness.

Lattuga is highly customizable. Auxiliary controls allow for easy addition of accessories.

Temporary stop lets harvester operator quickly pause and resume harvesting without using any other controls.

Galvanized frame and rubber tracks make Lattuga ideal for use in all kinds of weather.

10 x 11 Foot folding deck supports a 3,000 pound payload.

Movable tracks, from 76-inches to 84-inches.

Comes standard with stainless steel head. .

A massive deck allows for high capacity packing, sorting, and processing of harvested product.

Ortomec Series 9700 Lattuga harvester is designed for high volume harvesting and packing of romaine lettuce(click pic to enlarge)
Ortomec 9700 head harvester
Lattuga comes standard with a stainless steel cutting head (click to enlarge)
Lattuga tray system
Series 9700 Lattuga harvester options:
Air jump system Herbex head Shaker table
Aromatica head Lighting system Water spray system
Extended deck Product conveyor Wind screen
Folding canopy Roller table / carousel
Green Line 2 system

Available cutting widths:

  • 47" (120 cm)
  • 51" (130 cm)
  • 55" (140 cm)
  • 59" (150 cm)
  • 63" (160 cm)
  • 67" (170 cm)
  • 71" (180 cm)
Lattuga features an innovative tray system that aids in preparing romaine heads for quick insertion into RPEs (click pic to enlarge).
Series 9700 Harvester at a glance

Extendible driving controls (exclusive to series 9200/9700)
Safety foot mat sensors (exclusive to series 9200/9700)
Head options: 2-pulley, 4-pulley, 4-pulley with sweep, Herbex
Electric system capacity:
Up to 9 lights
Auxiliary hydraulic system:
12.4 gallons per minute
Kubota motor:
70 hp continuous, 74 hp peak
Head finish:
Stainless steel
Cutting height system:
Electronic sensor
Track style:
Rubber tracks
Track support:
Bogie roller system
Track width:
11.5-inch track
Track centers:
Adjustable, 76-inches - 84-inches
Weatherproof control station Weatherproof monitor Safety foot mat
Weatherproof monitor Safety foot mat senses when operator leaves driving position
Weatherproof control station
Series 9700 Lattuga harvesting romaine near Santa Maria, CA

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