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Ortomec 9000 harvester with lights Ortomec Harvester Lighting Options

Many harvesting operations begin before sunrise. Different lighting options provide excellent illumination for your Ortomec harvester.

Lights can be installed on any Ortomec harvester.

Harvester light towerLettuce harvester lights
Light tower comes with 2 lights and is used for high overhead lighting.
Ortomec Series 9000 harvester with deck lights, overhead lights, and head lights.
Ortomec 9000 harvester with lights
Ortomec harvester light, fluorescentLettuce harvester lights
Lettuce harvester lightsOrtomec harvester light, incandescent
For lighting the deck, harvested product, and cutting blade areas, a combination of fluorescent lights (tube style)
and incandescent lights (headlight style) and are ideal.
Ortomec Series 9000 harvester with overhead lighting and light tower.

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