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Selecta shaker table with chain belt Selecta Shaker TableSelecta shaker table dimensions

The demand for high-quality product has lead to development of the Selecta Shaker Table.

Used inconjunction with the harvester, the shaker table is stationed at the top of the product belt and "filters" product on its way to bins. As harvested product moves over the table, shaking action sifts out cotyledons, small and half-cut leaves, etc. before they reach your collection bins, leaving you with a more consistent, higher value product.

Selecta is available with a tray system, or a chain-belt system depending on gorwer preference.

Stainless steel construction and food-grade bearings.

Selecta can be installed on the following Ortomec harvester series:

Selecta Shaker Table with chain belt
Selecta shaker table with trays
youtube iconClick here to see Selecta in action
Selecta Stock shaker table
Selecta Shaker Table with tray system
Air jump system, front

Air Jump System

Shaker table function is enhanced with the addition of the air jump system.

The air jump system uses a hydraulically driven fan to force air to the air jump (air gap), and to the front blower.

At the bottom of the product belt, the front blower sends a steady flow of air directly over the product, just ahead of the cut. This feature helps keep unwanted debris from reaching the product belt.

At the top of the product belt, the air jump serves as a gravity separator. blowing lighter material (harvested crop) onto the shaker table for further filtering, and allowing undesirable, heavy material to fall through the gap to the harvester floor.

Air jump can be installed on Ortomec Series 9000 harvesters.

Front blower is stationed at the bottom of the product belt.
Air jump system, rear
Air jump is stationed at the top of the product belt, just before the shaker table.
Ortomec Series 9000 harvester
Ortomec Series 9000 harvester with Shaker Table and Air Jump System

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