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Sutton Ag planter sled

Our custom built Sutton Ag Seed Planter Sled makes your precision seeder even more precise.

Proper seed planter support and weight distribution are essential for accurate seed placement. This is achieved through the use of a planter sled.

Planter sleds also provide optimum planter tracking for more accurate cultivation, improved planting depth control, and even greater planting depth control with the addition of bed rollers.

Our adjustable height planter sleds provide optimum planter support and weight distribution, making your precision equipment even more precise. We custom build every planter sled to grower specs.

Sleds can be built with numerous options:

  • Material applicators
  • Walking surfaces
  • Seating
  • Railing
  • Spray system
  • Bed shaper
  • On-board storage, etc.
Stanhay vacuum planter in Sutton Ag sled
Custom Built Catwalk

Our custom built catwalk is a popular option for our sleds and stacker bars. A catwalk provides a very useful observation area and walking surface for your planter.

From the catwalk, you can:

  • Safely observe the planting process
  • Assure seed levels are correct
  • Refill seed hoppers
  • Check for shoe clogging

Planter sled with catwalk, bench, and railing.
Planter sled with catwal & railing

In addition to providing an observation deck, the catwalk also provides space for carrying seed containers and planting supplies.

  • Each catwalk is built to your specifications, and can accommodate nearly any desired walking surface.
  • Catwalk can be built with seating, railing, storage containers, etc.
  • Catwalk can be incorporated into the design of your planter sled, or it can be built to attach to your existing planter sled.
  • Catwalk can also be incorporated into the design of your stacker bar (visit our stacker bar page for more information)
Planter sled with catwalk and railing.
Planter sled with catwalk
Planter sled with catwalk.
Bed Shapers:

Crops that need to be grown on perfectly shaped beds require special bed shaping equipment. We offer bed shapers in a variety of styles.

Bed shapers can be incorporated into the design of a new planter sled.

Sled mounted planter with roller & shaper rings
Sled mounted planter with bed shaper rings on 12" roller.
Our planter sleds are totally customizable and can be made to accommodate practically any size seed planter from any manufacturer. Below is a small sampling of various sled-mounted planters we've built (click any pic to enlarge).
Planet Jr. in planter sled
Seed Spider in planter sled
Stanhay planter in sled
Gaspardo planter in sled
18-Line Planet Jr. in planter sled; with tip-down metering units and seed bin platform.
Seed Spider planter in planter sled with catwalk, bench, and railing.
24-Row Stanhay vacuum planter in planter sled with headbar.
16-Line Gaspardo vacuum planter in sled with head bar.
Checchi Magli Dual 12 transplanter
8-Line Checchi & Magli Dual-12 transplanter with tray rack storage

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