Supersize Hawk Kite

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Predator kites indicate the presence of a hungry raptor circling above their prey. The kite's fluttering sound also creates constant noise that helps convince pest birds to move along.

Realistic looking BirdsofPrey® Kites are made of durable nylon. Special SkyTails aid in kite stability. The Birds Of Prey Supersize Hawk Kite has a 70" wingspan and can be flown in winds from 7 - 18 mph.

Dimensions: approx. 70" W x 32" L
Plastic frame, ripstop nylon sail
Includes line and handle.
Ideal for bird control in vineyards, orchards, row crops, etc., anywhere with open space free of overhead obstacles.

Item weight: 14 oz
Shipping weight: 2 lbs (7 lbs dimensional weight)