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Popular seed spacing chart pdfs can be downloaded via the links below. If you're looking for a chart you don't see here, please contact us as we may have it available to email, fax, or mail.
Clean Seeder AP / Jang Seed Spacing Guide
Seed spacing for Clean Seeder AP and Jang planters is based on the number of cells in the seed wheel + sprocket combination.

Commonly used seed wheels have 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 cells per wheel. Less common wheels have up to 30 cells per wheel and can have irregularly shaped cells. All available wheels are listed on our Seed Metering Wheels page and can be purchased in our online store..

Seed wheel & sprockets for Clean Seeder ans Jang planters
Cells per
seed wheel
Seed spacing range
8.25 inches to 20.0 inches
6.25 inches to 15.0 inches
4.25 inches to 10.25 inches
3.25 inches to 7.5 inches
2.5 inches to 6 inches
2.0 inches to 5.0 inches
Cells in seed wheel
+ sprocket combo
= seed spacing
PDF icon Stanhay Spacing Charts:

S870 Belt Planter Seed Spacing Chart
S870 Belt Planter Land Wheel Spacing Chart
Stanhay Robin Spacing Chart
Stanhay S875 Land Wheel Spacing Chart
Stanhay S785 Spacing Chart, 11T
Stanhay S785 Spacing Chart, 16T

For more information on Stanhay planters and our specialized service, visit our Stanhay pages:

PDF icon Gaspardo Spacing Charts

Gaspardo SV260 Spacing Chart
530 Spacing Chart

PDF icon Seed Ace Spacing Chart

Seed Ace Chart

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