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Steketee finger weeder cultivator The Steketee Finger Weeder is an entirely new innovation in the challenging practice of inner-row mechanical weeding and cultivation.

The Finger Weeder is specially designed to control small and just emerging weeds. It consists of a steel turning disc with flexible polyurethane fingers or brush fingers on it.

How it works:
  • The polyurethane fingers turn in between the crop row, driven by the steel fingers, dislodging small weeds.
  • Ball-bearing construction ensures trouble free operation.
  • Depth and width adjustments are infinite.
  • Ideal for use in well established brassicas like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.
  • The Finger Weeder is suitable for weeding at typical cultivation speeds.
8-Row Finger Weeder with ECO-DAN sliding hitch (click pic to enlarge)
Steketee finger weeder cultivator
Finger weeders
Polyurethane finger weeders are suitable for most crops.
Brush finger weeders are an option for more delicate crops.
The Finger Weeder is available in a variety of sizes and styles. Standard polyurethane Finger Weeders:
Finger weeder styles
  • Narrow Finger Weeder
    9-inch (220 mm) - for row spacings as close as 10-inches
    $197 each
    Buy now
  • Standard Finger Weeder
    13-inch (340 mm) - for row spacings as close as 12-inches
    $225 each
    Buy now
  • Wide Finger Weeder:
    16-inch (400 mm) - for row spacing as close as 15-inches
    $235 each
    Buy now
Adjustable standards allow the Finger Weeder to be offset, and as close as necessary (click pic to enlarge)
Steketee finger weeder cultivator

Brush type Finger Weeder:

  • Narrow
    9-inch (220 mm) - for row spacing as close as 10-inches
  • Standard
    13-inch (340 mm) - for row spacing as close as 12-inches
(click pic to enlarge)

Finger Weeder shank dimensions:

.5-inch wide
x 1.125-inch deep
x 9-inches long

Poly finger weeder replacement disk Finger Weeder "fingers" are quite durable but will wear out with extended use.

Inexpensive replacement disks are available for all style Finger Weeders.

Polyurethane replacement disk for 16" Finger Weeder pictured at left

The Finger Weeder loosens soil while being gentle on existing crop (click pic to enlarge).
Steketee finger weeder cultivator
Finger weeder
Folding bar allows for narrow transport of Finger Weeder (click pic to enlarge).
Polyurethane Finger Weeder (turning disk is made of steel)
Finger Weeder arm
Spring Loaded Arms and Extension Brackes are available in different sizes and styles for mounting finger weeders.

Spring Loaded Arm: $345 / each (either style)

Extension Bracket with Cross-Sleeve: $93 / pair (standard length), $99 / pair (long).

Spring loaded finger weeder mounting arm for mounting on Steketee's Profile Bar (click pic to enlarge)
Finger weeder arm
Spring loaded arm w/u-bolt for mounting on 4" & 5" tool bars. Pictured with two, 16-inch Finger Weeders and extension brackeets with cross-sleeves (click pic to enlarge)
Between-row weeding
A wide variety of optional hoeing blades and tines can be used in conjunction with Finger Weeders
to aid in between-row weeding and cultivation.

A multitude of cultivating tines, torsion weeders, finger weeders, harrow weeders, etc. can be set-up in infinite configurations to suit most crops and soil conditions.

Popular blades and tines are readily available. Less common options can be special ordered.

Visit our Steketee Weeding Implements page or online store for more details.

Between-row weeding with A-Blades
Steketee Finger Weeders and cultivation accessories are affordable for small and large farms alike, and are adaptable to many types of implements. Photos below are courtesy of the enterprising Jason Weston of Joe's Gardens in Bellingham, WA (click to enlarge). Be sure to visit their website, facebook page, and Market Garden Farmer® YouTube channel.
3 row finger weeder on push tractor 3 row finge weeder on push tractor Single row finger weeder on push tractor Single row finger weeder on push tractor
Six, 13" Finger Weeders set-up for cultivating three rows using a walk-behind tractor. Two, 13" Finger Weeders set-up for cultivating a single row using a walk-behind tractor

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